Fauquier Board Of Supervisors’ Pass anti-winery Ordinance; Jim Law changes name to Benedict Arnold

For those of you who have not heard, the Fauquier Board Of Supervisors passed the anti-winery Ordinance. Vote: AGAINST (1), Sherbeyn; FOR (4), Granger, Stribling, Trumbo, Schwartz. Interested in sounding off to those FOR? Here are their emails, have at it.


The Treasurer of the Board of Supervisors putting away the pay off money from the Piedmont Environmental Council and the Citizens for Fauquier County.

I first want to thank the Swirl, Sip, and Snark duo for the excellent coverage of the meeting last night. There is a link at the bottom of this post which summarizes the fireworks from the meeting, through the eyes of GrapeEnvyGuy on Swirl, Sip, and Snark Blog. The shocker of the evening had to be Jim Law, of Linden, coming out in support of the ordinance. PAUSE. Let’s be honest, Jim, you started your winery on your family trust, you had wiggle room to fail and got away without relying on events because of your infinite amounts of funding. MOST OF THESE ACTUALLY WORK FOR A LIVING AND LIVE DAY TO DAY WITHOUT TRASH BAGS OF 100 DOLLAR BILLS AS A FALL BACK. I respect the detail and skillset that Jim Law brings to the table to make some great wines.  However, as a person, with his views on the Virginia Wine Industry, not so much. Most of the other wineries and pro-Virginia Wine people will be attempting to remove that giant sword you jammed into their backs. The more I learn about his character, the more I view Linden as an elitist, a pompous wine country club member. He basically testified and a friend of mine summarized his words perfectly as “I got 99 problems and your ability to follow your dream and feed your family ain’t one of ’em”.  The other shocker was hearing people actually refer to the wineries as road side bars, filtering drunk people into the quiet communities. Seriously? I’ve never run into anyone stumbling all over at a winery before. I also ask the question, why not impose this ordinance to every restaurant, bar, golf course, and horse stable? Jim Dolphin (owner of Delaplane Cellars) flat out proclaimed the ordinance will put Delaplane Cellars out of business.

Behind the scenes at the Faquier County Board of Supervisors meeting, as they roll the dice on the fate of the wineries in the county

Now some of you may be reading this post, cringing that I’m being crass, but, seriously, grow a set. The reason these local politicians and board members get away with this crap is because people are too meek to voice their opinion or call someone out. You are part of the problem. If you’re an a**hole, I’m going to call you an a**hole. Whether it’s on my blog or to your face, I say it like I see it.  For those asking the question “What now?”, there are a few avenues that we can take while the imminent court case is filed. SUPPORT, SUPPORT, and SUPPORT the Fauquier County wineries. Many of these wineries rely on events and weddings as a way to keep the lights on and not price gouge the wine enthusiasts.  In conclusion,  now is the time,  more than any other (as you should anyway), to get out and support the Fauquier County wineries because we are responsible for their success and what they bring to not only Virginia, but to the rest of world in terms of representing our state’s wine industry and quality of wine. SUPPORT THESE WINERIES!

Fauquier County Wineries:

Aspen Dale, Barrel Oak, Boxwood, Capitol Vineyards, Chateau O’Brien, Cobbler Mountain, Delaplane Cellars, Desert Rose, Hume Vineyards, Fox Meadow, Marterella, Mediterranean Cellars, Miracle Valley, Molon Lave, Morais Vineyard, Naked Mountain, Pearmund Cellars, Piedmont Vineyards, Rogers Ford Winery, Philip Carter Winery, Three Fox Vineyards, Vintage Ridge, and Vint Hill Craft Winery

You can also write to the Attorney General of Virginia (Ken Cuccinelli), as well as tweet/email/write  to Governor Bob McDonnell, who is a huge advocate of promoting the Virginia Wine industry. I’m really not sure there is much they can do outside of court, but voicing your opinion so this type of ordinance doesn’t spread throughout the state can’t hurt.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on the ongoing efforts to overturn this ordinance, which appears that a lengthy court case could ensue at any time.


Swirl, Sip, and Snark Presents:

George R.R. Martin, Inspired by Fauquier County, Writes ‘Game of Crones: You’re In the Club or You Die’


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  1. We’re not a Fauquier winery, but our motto has always been “a rising tide floats all boats,” and we won’t stand quietly as our neighbors sink. This is pathetic, and we object. We’ll stand behind them. If you’re a Virginian, and you like your way of life, then you better wake up an smell the vino, because it sure as heck isn’t tobacco that’s supporting your dreamy little locale: it’s a healthy, vibrant, respectable, thriving agro-tourism industry that (unless you’re a teetotaler) is nothing but good. And a huge portion of that is the Virginia wine movement. Get real. Get behind it. This is garbage.

  2. I guess this means we won’t be stopping by Linden with Julie today? We could substitute Glen Manor or Hume.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why Jim Law needed to do what he did. He had already submitted a letter to the BoS so his opinions were on record. To stand up and take the side of all the people who were twisting the facts to try and paint wineries in a bad light makes no sense. Unless he wants to eliminate what he sees as “false wineries,” which… hmm.

  4. Maybe Jim’s motives are not so “pure.” The wineries left standing in his county will naturally draw more traffic. OH wait!! traffic! Now that could be a problem. I guess the solution is for NO TRAFFIC towards Linden Vineyard. He should be removed from the membership rolls of both the VWA and VVA. They can hold the next BoS meeting at Linden Vineyards and figure out how to raise local taxes to replace the drop in tax revenues.

  5. I think this law is going to ultimately fail. Prohibition didn’t work and this ordinance is nothing more than modern day prohibition. I thought of boycotting Fauquier County businesses, but I won’t punish business owners because of a few bureaucrats. As far as Jim Law’s support of the ordinance, let’s just say that I plan to visit Linden Vineyards again when one of two things happen. Either Jim Law abolishes the requirement to buy a case to sit on the patio or he sells the winery.

    • To be honest, I don’t agree with his ethics and they are a bit contradictory. Now that he is established he feels as if he can go bully the people that are trying to do as he did. He makes great wine, he is a brilliant vintner…his personal feelings and objections to this measure I do not agree with.

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