Quick Pour: Lost Rhino Cerise Acide (Genius Loci Series)

lost rhino cerise acide

Producer: Lost Rhino Brewing Company
Region: Ashburn, VA
 Sour / Fruit Beer
Price: $12
Appearance: Deep red, no head, effervescent
Aroma: Cherry, grass
ABV: 6%

Virginia Pour House Notes: This beer has been kicking around in my fridge for some time now. I previously reviewed the peach-flavored sour in the same series a few months back, but this sour was fermented with 40 pounds of Polish cherries and aged for 12 months in a Bordeaux barrel. The beer pours a deep red with very little head but looks to have an effervescent carbonation. The aroma is mostly cherry, with hints of earthy grass. The initial taste is mostly cherry with a medium sour character. The sour taste is slightly puckering, but there is also a nice sweetness to this beer in the finish. The beer leaves you with a lingering bitterness but overall the finish is very dry. I’m not sure I like this one better than the peach sour, but it’s still solid and pretty drinkable for a sour.

Virginia Pour House Review

Lost Rhino Cerise Acide - 92



Lost Rhino's Genius Loci series delivers another solid sour, this one with tons of cherries.

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