Quick Pour: Turkey Day Rieslings

90 Charles Smith Kungfu Girl Riesling 2012
(Washington State, USA)
This readily available wine shows white stone fruit and pear on the nose and clean apple driven acidity bright, yet integrated with a zesty citrus finish on the plate. Overall, clean, crisp and exciting.

Price: $12
ABV: 11%

87 Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Riesling 2012
(Finger Lakes, New York, USA)

Smooth apple and citrus dance from the delicate aromas on the nose to the honey laced fresh fruit adding a rich, honeyed touch smoothing out and enriching the palate. The overall supple palate has a touch of lime and mineral on the finish with a kiss of warm spice.

Price: $15
ABV: 11.6%

87 Thirsty Owl Wine Company Riesling 2012
(Finger Lakes, New York
, United States)
Lemongrass, kiwi and orange peel on the nose with a smooth, supple body. Great mouthfeel with white stone fruit, zesty citrus, fresh gala apple, bright acidity and a touch of tartness round out the palate. A clean, lengthy and refreshing finish

Price: $15
ABV: 11.3%

89Villa Bellangelo Dry Riesling 2013
(Finger Lakes, New York, USA)

Copious amounts of citrus display on the nose and palate with floral character towards the middle/back palate as it finishes with hints of white stone fruit. Crisp, yet clean.

Price: $18
ABV: 12.3%

84 Scribe Estate Riesling 2012
(Sonoma County, California, USA)

Citrus and mineral driven qualities clash on the nose and palate adding tart accents mid palate. There is a touch of crisp apple up front,  boasting a bone dry profile and clean as clean can be on the finish. Bright and lively would be the best description of this Napa rendition.

Price: $30
ABV: 12%

84 Fox Run Vineyards Dry Riesling 2013
(Finger Lakes, New York, USA)

Petrol and a hint new rubber ducky plastic on the nose with a hint of citrus fruit peaking out. The palate boasts bright, tart acidity with zesty lime, grapefruit and orange zest towards the back palate as it finishes crisp, dry and with a bit of mineral character.

Price: $18
ABV: 11.6%

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