Spring Break: Portland, Day 3

Our third day in Portland featured lots of walking, but the thing with Portland is that everything is really walkable. We walked from our hotel in downtown pioneer district all the way to Mississippi district and we still only walked about 3 miles, never in dangerous areas. So we learned that you can walk from downtown to Mississippi district, but you will be walking for a long time if you do. We eventually made it to what turned out to be one of my favorite places in Portland, Ecliptic Brewing.

Ecliptic Brewing Company
825 N Cook St, Portland, OR 97227

Well, it’s certainly out there but I suspect that is how they like it. Ecliptic featured some of the best beer I had in Portland, including their Hypernova triple IPA and their Orbiter IPA. Their Orange Giant barleywine and Oort Imperial Stout also hit the spot, as well as a massive 1/2-pound burger that was just delicious after a 3-mile walk. I would spend a lot of time here if I lived in Portland.

ecliptic_taster ecliptic_int

After we checked out at Ecliptic, we walked a few blocks to Stormbreaker Brewing.

Stormbreaker Brewing
832 Beech St, Portland, OR 97227


Stormbreaker is a small place just a few blocks from Ecliptic in northeast Portland. It is an industrial, woodsy little place in the middle of a strange little neighborhood. The tasters came in charming little jars, the food was very functional and even though we didn’t have any it smelled fantastic. My favorites here were the Galaxy dry-hopped Savage Nimbus and Triple Double IPA, both huge IPA’s with great hop profiles, but very drinkable.

stormbreaker_int stormbreaker_taster

The last one in that taster tray is called Hoppy Marijuanukah… don’t worry, it doesn’t actually have any Mary Jane in it, but it is dank, despite being kind of basic. Points for the best beer name in Portland though.

Ex Novo Brewing
2326 N Flint Ave, Portland, OR 97227


Ex Novo is a small, non-profit brewery that was walkable from Stormbreaker in east Portland. This little place was not at all pretentious but had posters hung promoting their volunteer work and enticing others to join in. The beer also wasn’t too bad. I got a taster tray featuring their IPA, stout, pale ale, and barleywine/old ale(?). Also, we got their everything bagel pretzel, which you can see in the background in the image below. This thing was amazing, as was the mustard that they brought out with it.

exnovo_int exnovo_taster

I really liked all of the places, and they are all places I could see myself visiting regularly if I was a local in Portland. Each offered different qualities as well. Ecliptic was just very good beer technically from one of the best brewmasters in the country (seriously, look it up), while Stormbreaker offered a great atmosphere and solid beer, and Ex Novo had a great feel and non-profit (but unpretentious) attitude to it. Day 3 was a success, but what will the fourth day in Portland offer? Stay tuned to find out.


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