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Ocelot Brewing: A New Go-To in Loudoun County

Note: This post was written on Memorial Day. Since my first visit, I have visited Ocelot almost every weekend. Loudoun County boasts some pretty serious craft breweries, as evidenced by my last post. While that only begins to scratch the surface of what the county has to offer, it’s a good starting point for getting into the local craft beer scene in northern Virginia. After visiting a new brewery in Sterling this weekend, it is safe to say that there is some serious competition for all other Loudoun County breweries. Ocelot Brewing opened its doors for a soft open in April but they had their grand opening this weekend. It is located in a no-frills industrial park off of Old Ox Road/Rt 606 in Sterling, but don’t let the exterior fool you. The interior is inviting with what looks like a bar and tables made from repurposed wood and a southern …

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Beer Review: Evil Twin Brewing Company Yin & Yang

When I see beers from Evil Twin Brewing Company in the store, I usually walk past them. I have sampled a couple and liked what I tasted, but they are generally too pricey for my taste. Of course, to every rule there is an exception. In this case, it is Evil Twin’s companion beers, Yin and Yang. It’s rare to find these beers together at the same time, so when my local beer store (thanks Wine Cabinet!) hosted a tasting, I had to go try them. I liked them enough to buy a four-pack of both and do a writeup… Beer Review: Evil Twin Brewing Company Yin & Yang Beer Review: Evil Twin Brewing Company Yin & Yang 2014-09-08 Virginia Pour House Review Overview Evil Twin Yin - 95 Evil Twin Yang - 80 Evil Twin Yin & Yang Blend - 100 92 91.7 Virginia Pour House Rating User Rating: …

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