Beer Review: Narragansett Brewery Del’s Summer Shandy

Producer: Narragansett Brewing Company; Providence, Rhode Island/Rochester, NY Beer Name: Del’s Summer Shandy Price Range: $9.99 (16 ounce Six-Pack) Style: Shandy ABV: 5% Appearance: Clear and golden in color, very little head with no lacing Aroma: Light with hints of lemonade Notes: Del’s Shandy is a lemon shandy, based on Del’s frozen lemonade, which was started in Italy in 1840 and brought to Rhode Island in 1948. The aroma gives off strong lemonade notes and you can almost imagine getting a frozen lemonade from a Del’s stand on a hot sunny day. The lemon in the taste is toned down and the beer is very smooth and light-bodied. This would be a great beer for the beach or pool on a summer day.  It is very lightly carbonated and refreshing with almost no lacing on the glass. This isn’t a beer that I would normally drink, but I could sip …

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