OPINION: Can Virginia Wineries Justify Charging $40 – $50 a Bottle at This Point in the Game?

What do YOU think about paying $40 – $50 for a bottle of Virginia wine? Are we, as a wine industry in Virginia, pricing ourselves out of the market? After finally seeing some 90 point ratings in Wine Enthusiast Magazine for wines from Virginia, I couldn’t help but notice the price points. Granted, we have produced some pretty amazing vintages recently, but should you justify your price points on how good the year was? For example, we had a very wet portion of the year closer to harvest in 2011, which produced some lighter style reds. The previous years, a winery would consistently price out their… oh say, Cabernet Franc at $22 per bottle, and they also kept that same price point for the not-so-great 2011 Cabernet Franc. Of course you aren’t going to reduce the price because of the conditions – after all you want to keep your price …

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