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A MUST READ: East Coast Wineries Writer Carlo De Vito Explains A Blogs Role in the Wine Industry

“The latest findings from Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report show that “consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase,” read the report. “In fact, blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and even influence.” So, in the last year I’ve gone to more conferences than a first year Ph.D. candidate. I’ve been north, west, and east, and am full up to here with wine conferences. The two things that keep me going back? The wine. And the friends. And of course the exchange of information is invaluable. But something bothered me greatly this year, and I need to speak out on it. I went to a number of conferences, and in very rare instances did I see any bloggers. More upsetting than this, when I went to social media seminars, not only were bloggers not invited to speak, but when mentioned, they were in fact derided …

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A Super-Premium Rosé; Guest blogger Mark Andrew’s insight

It may surprise you to learn that rosé wine is a relative newcomer to the US wine scene. After a decade of having Gallo, Sutter Home and Lindeman’s thrust in our faces every time we do our weekly supermarket shop, it’s hard to believe that until the early 2000s rosé only accounted for 2% of the wine sold in the US. Today that figure is over 12% (and continuing to rise, albeit at a slower pace) and the vast majority of sales are concentrated at the lower, sweeter, mass-produced end of the scale. But there is another side to the rosé coin that you won’t see in your local homogenous hyper-market – super-premium rosé. Yes, that’s right, not just premium but super premium.   Creating a super-premium market “Hold on…”, I hear you cry, “how premium can a rosé wine get?!”. How about 90 bucks worth of premium? Just like …

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