Petit Verdot

2014 Virginia Wine Blogger Petit Verdot Blind Tasting at Casanel Vineyards

Since my first Blind Tasting years back, I have developed a love for this unbiased format of tasting your way through multiple varieties of the same wine from various producers. Blind tastings really provide tasters the ability to try wine without judging based on producer, price, or reputation because, well, it’s blind. My goal is to assemble groups of fellow bloggers, industry folks, and wine enthusiasts to take part in multiple blind tasting events to assist in unbiasedly pointing out some of Virginia’s standouts. During certain blind tastings, we may toss a couple of wild cards in there from other viticultural areas outside of Virginia to see where Virginia stands blindly against other producers throughout the world. One of the first events we held this year  was this blind Petit Verdot tasting, which was graciously hosted by Katie and the wonderful folks at Casanel Vineyards in Leesburg, Virginia. We originally …

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Quick Pour: Sunset Hills Winery Petit Verdot 2011

Producer: Sunset Hills Winery Region: Middleburg AVA, Northern Virginia, Virginia Price: N/A; Club Only Vintage: 2011 Varietals: 90% Petit Verdot. 10% Merlot Winemaker Notes: In many ways, Petit Verdot was a savior of the 2011 red harvest.  While the heavy rains of the season made it difficult for most reds to ripen as fully as we’d prefer, Petit Verdot, which is naturally quick to ripen very fully, made it through the rains with style.  Additionally, with its small, tough berries and heavy pigment, what was not used in this varietal blend became a very important blending piece for our other 2011 red wines.  The best Petit Verdot of the season, however, was saved for this blend.  We don’t always make a varietal Petit Verdot, but when the quality is high enough, and when the wine is interesting enough, we’re excited to bottle it.  The 2011 is no exception to the characteristics we’re coming …

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