Bottle Rating System

Individual bottle reviews are rated on a 100-point scale. The point breakdown is explained below.

95-100 | Classic: a great wine, near flawless

90-94   | Outstanding: wine with superior character and style

85-89   | Very good: wine with special qualities

80-84   | Good: a solid, well-made wine

70-79    | Average: drinkable everyday wine that may have minor flaws

> 70      | Poor: undrinkable wine, not recommended for anything aside from cleaning solution or donating to the drain

This rating system is not used for the purpose of proving that I am some sort of wine professional or want-to-be Wine Enthusiast/Spectator writer. It is simply the most recognized format for rating wines on an individual basis and aides wine consumers with a familiar scale. I also realize that not every palate is the same. You may pick up an issue of Wine Enthusiast and completely disagree with their ratings, much like some of you may disagree with mine. These again, are MY OPINIONS on these wines, and do not expect you to completely agree with me.

Sample Policy

If you are interested in submitting samples of wine, literature (books, articles, and magazines), or anything else wine related, please send me an e-mail to anthony@virginiapourhouse.com. Please note that samples we choose to review, will receive a non-biased, honest, and constructive analysis.

Privacy and Comments

All comments on my site are moderated, which means if by chance you decide to attempt to slander or post inappropriate content for any particular reason, odds are it won’t be published. I do encourage comments and open discussion in the comments section following every post. Feel free to post away. I will not, at ANY POINT, share your email or any other information that you enter in the submission form for comments. Again, it’s simply for registration purpose.




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