Quick Pour: Dessert Wine Varieties

Quick Pour: 2009 Rappahannock Cellars Meritage

One of my favorite wineries in Norther Virginia is Rappahannock Cellars.This particular wine is beyond words, one of the absolutely BEST Meritage blends that I have had in all of Virginia. Doubt my palate and judgement? Slap yourself until you try it. No really, do yourself the pleasure of visiting this vineyard, and specifically ask for a glass of the Meritage. The nose to this wine has an oak, spice, and strong coffee waft of…ummm…LOVE. That’s the best I can do for you at this moment.  The palate is caressed with a subtle plethora of floral notes mixed with roasted coffee, dark fruit, and a hint of oak . The finish is a perfect balance of tannins and oak that lingers to provide you with the most unique tranquil feeling that could possibly bless your taste buds. At $30 per bottle, you may hesitate. DON’T!   One of my favorite …

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Fabbioli Cellars: Italian tradition with a Virginia twist

Growing up in a very largely Italian demographic (Rhode Island) and being exposed to a lot of homemade Italian wines was a blessing in disguise for me. Coming across a winery with REAL ability to replicate real Italian style wine that I grew up with was a true rarity and a warm feeling from within. Late last year I had a bunch of vacation time at my job to burn before I lost it, so I decided to start taking random days (pretty consistent Friday departures) off and utilized them to explore Virginia’s Wine Country further. During this venture I was extremely grateful to make my first stop on this excursion Fabbioli Cellars. This wine I had come across on countless occasions at Total Wine in Fairfax and constantly wondered if it was worth the risk of tossing over my 10 dollar limit on trying a new wine I had …

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The Winery at La Grange

As many people may already know, it’s been a relatively warm Winter in Northern Virginia. Just before Christmas, a few good friends from Boston came down for a visit and requested that we visit some of the local wineries that I had raved about. One that I just could not let go by unnoticed, was The Winery at La Grange. The first time I visited this winery, I wasn’t sure if this was just a unique house and the rest of the development would be following, or the tasting room. What was originally built-in the 1790s as a manor home, was recently restored in 2006, and turned into the new Tasting room and Winery at La Grange. The solid brick structure sits on beautifully landscaped property at the foothills of the mountains. Upon taking the trot up the walkway to the historic home (now tasting room) I noticed a few …

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2009 Narmada Gulabi Rosé – #WW Leap Day Edition

Every Wednesday on twitter, many of us wine lovers, unite to celebrate Wine Wednesday. So I’ve decided that every Wednesday, I’m going to feature what cork I’m popping on this weekly trip through flavor country. This weeks selection is…   2009 Narmada Gulabi (Rosé) $18.00 I generally don’t like to piggie back another day with the same variety wine, unless I don’t finish the bottle from the previous night. Well this evening I decided, with some Roasted Chicken left over from last night and clearly no remaining Naked Mountain Make Me Blush, that I would whip up some Corn Pudding and pair it nicely with a nice bottle of Rosé. This Indian gem is made up of Merlot with a splash of Concord grape and steel fermented. The nose on this wine is a light and soothing wafting of Concord grape. The palate is VERY fruit forward with a subtle …

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Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyard: It’ll make you blush

Last year, after many trips in the Delaplane area, I finally decided to take a trip down the winding Leeds Manor Road (wish I knew there was an easier way to get there an exit further off Route 66), and explore what the signs all referred to as Naked Mountain Winery.  Turning onto Leeds Manor from Winchester Rd displays some pretty amazing scenery, which I couldn’t help but take a picture of some of the farm land as displayed in the title graphic.  On this particular day, the weather was absolutely perfect to be sitting out on the front lawn of the winery in an Adirondack chair, sipping wine, and eating some cheese and crackers as many were taking part in doing.  When you enter into the tasting room it’s very cozy, and very pet friendly. The owners’ golden retriever was frolicking around, the staff extra perky, and the fire-place …

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Chester Gap Cellars: The Gap between great Viognier and AMAZING.

After a lovely fall afternoon in the Front Royal area, and a quick stop by one of my favorite vineyards (Rappahannock Cellars), we stumbled upon Chester Gap Cellars. This vineyard is located on top of probably the most gorgeous valleys in Front Royal. Picturesque as words can describe, the vineyard is run by a super friendly family. The tasting room isn’t much to look at, a few planks of wood over some old oak barrels, but the view makes up for where the tasting room lacks. The wine selections are nothing short of great. Specifically the Viognier and the Viognier Reserve! These Viognier selections could be the BEST that I have had in the Northern Virginia area that I have tasted. If it’s not, it’s damn close! Citrus and honey to the nose with strong tones of peach and green apple. The taste is very crisp and extremely smooth on …

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