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Wolf Gap Vineyard; What exactly is a Chamerlot?

Another stop on the Shenandoah Valley trail brought us to the neighborhood of Wolf Gap Winery. Wolf Gap is a raised ranch house located on a large 50-acre plot in a spread-out neighborhood. Willard and Diane Elledge founded Wolf Gap in 2004 after retiring from the DC Metro area and looking for land with peace, tranquility, and, of course, a place to grow wine grape. A very sweet and humble couple, they operate the tasting room on the second level of the house-like facility. After parking you make your way around the left side of the building, climb stairs to the deck, and enter in to what is basically a small office or foyer. Continuing on, you enter what is basically the kitchen of the house. To your left, there is a dinner table, and straight ahead is the tasting bar (which is the counter top of the island that …

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Mattaponi Winery; Conquerer of the fruit wine

My efforts to complete the Northern Virginia wine region required a couple stops south, just north of Fredericksburg. One of the stops along the way was Mattaponi Winery, which bears a Native American theme throughout the winery. We originally planned on dropping by Lake Anna first, but came across Mattaponi along the way. Overall, the wines at Mattaponi were ok, however the fruit wines can be compared to none! The winery in itself I have little to say about. The tasting room was very small, and had a small deck out back with tent covering to enjoy on the property. Most of the production is completed just past that very deck. The gentleman that was pouring this particular day was very friendly and offered an in-depth explanation as to the story behind all of their wines. Most of the reds are not as heavy or structured as most normal varieties. …

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