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Good Luck Cellars; Revisiting a Northern Neck Gem

This past year, my in-laws purchased a new home on the middle peninsula of Virginia, and it’s location is a mere 20 minute car ride across the Rappahannock to Good Luck Cellars. After exploring Irvington a bit, we decided to take a short drive to Good Luck Cellars as it has been a couple years since my last visit. Located in nearby Kilmarnock, Virginia, Paul and Katie Krop’s Good Luck Cellars is a venture that started from backyard wine making to finding the perfect parcel to grow a business. Sand and gravel based vineyards allow this couple to cultivate great wines with Virginia flare that really shows off the terroir of the area. With outstanding white offerings and a couple red surprises, their winery is a must visit when visiting the Northern Neck of Virginia. All of their wines are crafted from Estate grown grapes that are grown on 23 acres of …

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Dog and Oyster Vineyards; Revisiting a Southern Beach Escape

My first visit to Dog and Oyster was about 3 years ago when the property first began welcoming visitors in their beach cottage style tasting room. For years before the tasting room, the property itself attracted visitors to the 6 room and 10 cottage Hope and Glory Inn. With the Inn’s addition of 6 acres of Vinifera and French American Hybrid vines (Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Merlot, and Charmbourcin), the Dog and Oyster Vineyard began to take shape. Originally prevented, due to local regulations, from posting a large sign for visitors to come across in their travels through the town of Irvington, they installed two giant corkscrews as artistic pieces that would attract visitors. These pieces stand nearly 25-30 feet high on either side of the gravel driveway leading you through the vineyard site to the tasting room. As you pull into the road and veer to the right into the tasting room …

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Quick Pour: Rosemont Vineyards Rosé 2014

Producer: Rosemont of Virginia Winery
Region: Southern Virginia, Virginia, USA
Price: $17.95
Vintage: 2014
Varietals: Chambourcin
ABV: 13%

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Saude Creek Vineyards; The new youngsters of the South (AmericanWineryGuide)

The STORY “The privately-owned vineyard bears about 22 acres on property and includes Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay, Petit Verdot and Chambourcin. The seven nearby off-site acres contain Merlot and Chardonel. As you pull into the property through the front gates, you follow the vineyard-lined roadway towards the enormous, dark wood-sided tasting and production facility. To the left is a covered production area with crush pad, and to the right is a gorgeous wrap-around covered patio that stretches all the way around the tasting room. The patio is lined with wooden Adirondack chairs and side tables. As you glance out into the vineyards, there are countless acres of vines – many newly planted and enclosed in greenhouses. Peering off of the back patio, the steep hillside is lined with countless additional acres and, to the right side, a fire pit with more Adirondacks surrounded the pit. The site is stunning.” (Read More) …

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Wolf Gap Vineyard; What exactly is a Chamerlot?

Another stop on the Shenandoah Valley trail brought us to the neighborhood of Wolf Gap Winery. Wolf Gap is a raised ranch house located on a large 50-acre plot in a spread-out neighborhood. Willard and Diane Elledge founded Wolf Gap in 2004 after retiring from the DC Metro area and looking for land with peace, tranquility, and, of course, a place to grow wine grape. A very sweet and humble couple, they operate the tasting room on the second level of the house-like facility. After parking you make your way around the left side of the building, climb stairs to the deck, and enter in to what is basically a small office or foyer. Continuing on, you enter what is basically the kitchen of the house. To your left, there is a dinner table, and straight ahead is the tasting bar (which is the counter top of the island that …

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TasteCamp Day Two; The trip through flavor country

Day one of the TasteCamp event proved to be nothing short of spectacular, and a bit overwhelming. Sounds rough I can imagine you saying yourself. After so many wines, your palate goes numb and all ability to decipher between two reds or whites goes right out the window! That being said, I was eager to see what day two would have in store for us. There we were, rolling up the long driveway into the parking lot of Fabbioli Cellars, and who better to greet us but Doug Fabbioli? Doug started his tour by explaining the many challenges that most of the other wineries had been faced with this year, frost risk and the early heat. The early heat has led the way to a 2-3 week early start to the bud break and growing season. The early bud break extends the season, which increases the chance of insect or …

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Vault Field Vineyards; Smalltime Swagger of the Eastern Shore

After watching Bottle Shock for the 100th time this past week, I recall back to the scene where Steven Spurrier breaks down on the side of a dusty road lined with vines on either side, and think to myself “This is Virginia’s rendition of ‘THAT’ road”. Leaving General’s Ridge and trying to knock out a couple other tastings, I came across Vault Field Vineyards, which brings that small town farm charm to Kinsale, Virginia. As I passed the various signs labeling each road with its respective varietal displayed proudly, I spot the owner cutting the grass in between the grape vines and can’t help but smile. Rarely do you see too many vineyard owners doing it themselves, but this was one of those places. As we pulled up to the tasting room, which is a small carving of the wine making and production facility, we patiently wait for the seated …

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Zephaniah 2010 Chambourcin saves man from an inexcusable evening of bad TV

For the second evening in a row, I tossed on the television expecting to be roped into a hockey or NCAA basketball game, much like the previous night. Instead I was presented with a plethora of atrocities that are as-bad or worse than Mash or Little House on the Prairie reruns. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed, so I decided to go the Netflix route and pair it with a bottle of Zephaniah 2010 Chambourcin that I picked up from the vineyard this past weekend. Indeep sang that “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” and I’m going to say this night the Chambourcin saved it…from the peril of boredom and my craving for a sweet but not quite white wine evening. Press play, check. Uncorked the bottle, check. Soft couch, check. The wine..excellent. After taking a whiff from the edge of the glass, I detect a very fruit forward …

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