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Quick Pour: Cakebread Cellars Rubaiyat 2013

Producer: Cakebread Cellars
Region: North Coast, California, United States (67% Napa Valley, 33% Anderson Valley)
Price: $30
Vintage: 2013
Varietals: 86% pinot noir, 14% syrah
ABV: 14.3%

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Ankida Ridge Vineyards; The “Little Burgundy” of Virginia

The year 2014 brought plenty of opportunities to expand our knowledge and palate in wine. One such opportunity was our honeymoon to Burgundy, which gave us a greater appreciation for the region and the Burgundian style of wine. While Burgundy is a bit of a trip, there is an incredible opportunity to regularly experience  Burgundy right here in Virginia.  Subsequently, we have taken multiple visits to Ankida Ridge Vineyards to visit with the Vrooman Family and their “Little Burgundy” venture as consultant, Lucie Morton, likes to put – and we certainly agree. Since first appearing on the scene in 2010, the Vrooman family, a wine loving duo keen on Burgundian style wines, have made a giant footprint on the wine scene in the state of Virginia and the world, for that matter. Many may not be familiar due to the tough regulations and unfair quantity standards of the much publicized …

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Quick Pour: Lakewood Vineyards 25 Anniversary Blanc de Noir 2011

Producer: Lakewood Vineyards & Winery
Region: Finger Lakes AVA, New York, United States
Price: $30
Vintage: 2011
Varietals: Pinot Noir
ABV: 12%

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Quick Pour: Rams Gate Pinot Noir Bush Crispo Vineyard 2012

Producer: Ram’s Gate Winery Region: Russian River Valley AVA, California, United States Price: $70 Vintage: 2012 Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir ABV: 14.5% Virginia Pour House Notes: Gorgeous aromatics layered with hints of cinnamon, rich black fruit, tobacco and light baking spice (nutmeg) accentuate this wine as super fine tannins, well integrated dry tobacco, smoke, oak, mixed red and dark berry and hints of nutty butterscotch linger well behind coating the palate all the way to the back.  Medium to full bodied, with plenty of depth and complexities, finishing with a lengthy, edgy,  and warming finish. This wine is drinking beautifully now and will continue to do so for at least a couple of more years.   Producer: Ram's Gate Winery Region: Russian River Valley AVA, California, United States Price: $70 Vintage: 2012 Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir ABV: 14.5% Virginia Pour House Notes: Gorgeous aromatics layered with hints of cinnamon, rich black fruit, tobacco and …

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Scribe Winery: Gorgeous views, great history, and a one-on-one experience! (AmericanWineryGuide)

Last month, we were fortunate enough to hop around wineries in Napa, Sonoma, and Paso Robles. Of the nearly 20-something wineries we visited, a bunch we decided to contribute reviews for AmericanWineryGuide.com. Here is one of our most unique, that just so happens to have ties to one of the best wineries in Virginia, Rappahannock Cellars. Please enjoy! HISTORY “When most visitors arrive at a winery, the last thing they really focus on is the history of the land… unless they are visiting Scribe Winery. Most wineries also have tasting rooms where large groups flock around a small bar, jam through the doorways, litter the grounds with blankets, or stand outside until there is room for them to enter. Scribe has none of any of this; in fact, you are required to make an appointment to visit, and a fee of $25 is required. Scribe provides visitors with a truly …

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Gabriele Rausse Winery; If you’re not familiar, you need to be

When holding a casual conversation with anyone who has a hand or two in the Virginia Wine Industry, you can inquire as to their opinion of who are the big names when it comes to producing good wine in the state. Many will ramble off names such as Jim Law, Luca Paschina, and Michael Shaps due to their respective reputation of either producing good wines or consulting for a large portion of new vineyard startups in Virginia. However, there is a name missing in that list – Gabriele Rausse. Many people do not realize that when Gabriele first came to the United States, he landed his first vineyard job stateside with fellow countryman Gianni Zonin and his new startup, Barboursville Vineyards, in April of 1976. Prior to that, Gabriele had completed his University studies in his home country of Italy and began working for Santa Margherita until he enlisted in …

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Ox-Eye Vineyards; A Taste of Shenandoah in Downtown Staunton

My newest posting for AmericanWineryGuide, Ox-Eye Vineyards, has been posted. Below I have included additional tasting notes for my readers, with a link directly to the review as well. Enjoy! “While glancing at the Virginia Winery Guide map during our trip around the Shenandoah Valley, I noticed Ox-Eye Vineyards nearby; but we also noticed it is located in the center of downtown Staunton. Curious, I pulled up the Ox-Eye Vineyard’s website to find out just what this winery is all about.” Read Entire Article Here Full Tasting Notes: Chardonnay 2010 ($19): aromas of pear and citrus that dissipates to strictly citrus adding subtle notes of apple mid palate while finishing crisp and clean Gewurztraminer/Traminette 2011 ($22): spicy lychee notes on the nose with big floral (rose) and spice smoothing out over the palate to the clean finish Riesling 2011 ($18): “Citrus aromas mesh with bright acidity, adding a touch of …

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General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery; Some more Chesapeake in your glass

What a day Sunday was! After a long enjoyable trip to Ingleside, I decided since I was in the Chesapeake Region and had such a great experience with my last vineyard, why not see what the other local wineries are offering. First one, was General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery, located just minutes up the road from Ingleside in Hauge, Virginia. The overall look of the property exhibited Midwestern farm characteristics with a touch of the south. The historic manor home located at the front end of the property (and available for rental), displays the rich farm history of the property with the gorgeous windmill directly in back of the home, welcoming you to the vineyard as you make your way up the gravel road to the tasting room. Along the road there is countless acres of grape growing on the property on either side. As you approach the tasting room, …

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