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Quick Pour: White Hall Sugar Ridge White NV

Producer: White Hall Vineyards Region: Central Virginia / Monticello AVA Price: $11.99 Vintage: NV Winemaker Notes: Opening with a nose of ripe peaches that precedes a light palate of honeyed apricots with a refreshing semi-sweet finish Virginia Pour House Notes: Concentrated aroma of freshly picked peaches and light pear set the tone for intense flavors of candied apricots which lingers long after each sip. The 3.5% Residual Sugar content makes for a sweet finish but, oddly, provides an almost effervescent mouth feel on the palate. Presented as a dessert wine on my table setting, I paired this wine with a few fresh cannolis. This wine is drinking well right now.   VIRGINIA POUR HOUSE RATING 86 Points

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Quick Pour: Oak Crest Moonlight Sonata 2010

Producer: Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery Region: Eastern Virginia / George Washington Birthplace AVA Price: $14 Vintage: 2010 Winemaker Notes: A German Rhine wine is the stylistic target for this 100% Symphony wine. Serve cold as a sipping wine or with spicy oriental food.   Virginia Pour House Notes: If you are looking for a borderline dessert style wine, minus the extreme sugar explosion and heavy mouthfeel, the Moonlight Sonata is just right for you. The 100% Symphony, grape produced, wine is marked by sweet tropical flavors with low acidity and floral aromas accenting the nose. Light notes of grapefruit contribute to this mango mouth bomb and is perfect for sipping by itself on a warm summer/fall day. For more information on the Symphony grape read about it here. VIRGINIA POUR HOUSE RATING: 84 Points

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Twin Oaks Tavern 2009 Chardonnay; Happy Wine Wednesday

For the past week I have been in Chicago for work, so this evening the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. What I did want to do is destroy some Chinese food in a bad way. So without hesitation, an order of Kung Pao Chicken with Chicken Fried Rice and Crab Rangoons were ordered. Now being Wine Wednesday (How could I forget), I decided that my selection would have to be a good one to compliment my wine, and my second viewing of the movie ‘Bottle Shock’. From the wine rack I reach and pull out on the first pull Twin Oaks Tavern 2009 Chardonnay. Recently visiting and soon to be reviewing, I decided why the hell not refrigerate this bottle and pair this up with my meal. The nose of this flew up and slapped me in the sinus with a very fruit forward Peach and …

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Quick Pour: 2009 Rappahannock Cellars Meritage

One of my favorite wineries in Norther Virginia is Rappahannock Cellars.This particular wine is beyond words, one of the absolutely BEST Meritage blends that I have had in all of Virginia. Doubt my palate and judgement? Slap yourself until you try it. No really, do yourself the pleasure of visiting this vineyard, and specifically ask for a glass of the Meritage. The nose to this wine has an oak, spice, and strong coffee waft of…ummm…LOVE. That’s the best I can do for you at this moment.  The palate is caressed with a subtle plethora of floral notes mixed with roasted coffee, dark fruit, and a hint of oak . The finish is a perfect balance of tannins and oak that lingers to provide you with the most unique tranquil feeling that could possibly bless your taste buds. At $30 per bottle, you may hesitate. DON’T!   One of my favorite …

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2009 Narmada Gulabi Rosé – #WW Leap Day Edition

Every Wednesday on twitter, many of us wine lovers, unite to celebrate Wine Wednesday. So I’ve decided that every Wednesday, I’m going to feature what cork I’m popping on this weekly trip through flavor country. This weeks selection is…   2009 Narmada Gulabi (Rosé) $18.00 I generally don’t like to piggie back another day with the same variety wine, unless I don’t finish the bottle from the previous night. Well this evening I decided, with some Roasted Chicken left over from last night and clearly no remaining Naked Mountain Make Me Blush, that I would whip up some Corn Pudding and pair it nicely with a nice bottle of Rosé. This Indian gem is made up of Merlot with a splash of Concord grape and steel fermented. The nose on this wine is a light and soothing wafting of Concord grape. The palate is VERY fruit forward with a subtle …

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