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Good Luck Cellars; Revisiting a Northern Neck Gem

This past year, my in-laws purchased a new home on the middle peninsula of Virginia, and it’s location is a mere 20 minute car ride across the Rappahannock to Good Luck Cellars. After exploring Irvington a bit, we decided to take a short drive to Good Luck Cellars as it has been a couple years since my last visit. Located in nearby Kilmarnock, Virginia, Paul and Katie Krop’s Good Luck Cellars is a venture that started from backyard wine making to finding the perfect parcel to grow a business. Sand and gravel based vineyards allow this couple to cultivate great wines with Virginia flare that really shows off the terroir of the area. With outstanding white offerings and a couple red surprises, their winery is a must visit when visiting the Northern Neck of Virginia. All of their wines are crafted from Estate grown grapes that are grown on 23 acres of …

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Dog and Oyster Vineyards; Revisiting a Southern Beach Escape

My first visit to Dog and Oyster was about 3 years ago when the property first began welcoming visitors in their beach cottage style tasting room. For years before the tasting room, the property itself attracted visitors to the 6 room and 10 cottage Hope and Glory Inn. With the Inn’s addition of 6 acres of Vinifera and French American Hybrid vines (Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Merlot, and Charmbourcin), the Dog and Oyster Vineyard began to take shape. Originally prevented, due to local regulations, from posting a large sign for visitors to come across in their travels through the town of Irvington, they installed two giant corkscrews as artistic pieces that would attract visitors. These pieces stand nearly 25-30 feet high on either side of the gravel driveway leading you through the vineyard site to the tasting room. As you pull into the road and veer to the right into the tasting room …

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Quick Pour: Rosemont Vineyards Virginia White NV

Producer: Rosemont of Virginia Winery
Region: Southern Virginia, Virginia, USA
Price: $13.95
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Varietals: 74% Vidal Blanc, 20% Traminette and 6% Chardonel
ABV: 13%

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Quick Pour: Rappahannock Cellars 2014 VX2 White Blend

Producer: Rappahannock Cellars Region: Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States Price: $24 (Member Only) Vintage: 2014 Varietals: 75% Vidal Blanc, 25% Viognier ABV: 13.3% Virginia Pour House Notes: Bursting on the nose with aromas of Dole canned peaches, lychee and overtones of fresh floral. The palate is near bone dry with white peach, fresh flowers and a nod of tropical fruit towards the back as it finishes clean and fresh. An amazing blend that is both very fruit forward and surprisingly near bone-dry. Pairs perfectly with fresh pan seared lemon & pepper seasoned cod, served over couscous, with sauteed Brussels sprouts.   Producer: Rappahannock Cellars Region: Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States Price: $24 (Member Only) Vintage: 2014 Varietals: 75% Vidal Blanc, 25% Viognier ABV: 13.3% Virginia Pour House Notes: Bursting on the nose with aromas of Dole canned peaches, lychee and overtones of fresh floral. The palate is near bone dry with white peach, fresh …

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Saude Creek Vineyards; The new youngsters of the South (AmericanWineryGuide)

The STORY “The privately-owned vineyard bears about 22 acres on property and includes Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay, Petit Verdot and Chambourcin. The seven nearby off-site acres contain Merlot and Chardonel. As you pull into the property through the front gates, you follow the vineyard-lined roadway towards the enormous, dark wood-sided tasting and production facility. To the left is a covered production area with crush pad, and to the right is a gorgeous wrap-around covered patio that stretches all the way around the tasting room. The patio is lined with wooden Adirondack chairs and side tables. As you glance out into the vineyards, there are countless acres of vines – many newly planted and enclosed in greenhouses. Peering off of the back patio, the steep hillside is lined with countless additional acres and, to the right side, a fire pit with more Adirondacks surrounded the pit. The site is stunning.” (Read More) …

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Wisdom Oak Winery; Raise your glass to peace and quiet in Charlottesville (Yes, REALLY)

A fall review from AmericanWineryGuide as I covered Wisdom Oak Winery (Formerly Sugarleaf Vineyards) in the Charlottesville area. “As you spot the new Wisdom Oak Winery sign, planted where the former Sugarleaf Vineyards sign stood, you will find yourself traveling up a gravel, single lane road that appears to be the road to nowhere. As the trees clear and the farm house converted to tasting room, outlined by the 4 acres of vines in the background, appears, you instantly release a sigh of relief and can truly take a step back to admire the beauty of the Wisdom Oak grounds. Owner Jerry Bias purchased the property over a decade ago then under the Sugarleaf banner, but changed the name early in 2013 to commemorate the opening of the new tasting room. The property sits at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and presents guests with gorgeous views and the …

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The Winery at Bluestone Vineyard; From Personal to Business

The end of 2012 brought a few wild weekend trips in Virginia Wine Country. We expanded our ventures beyond just our usual area of visitation.  The plan was to hit the southern part of the state as well as the Shenandoah Valley.  We tried to visit as many of the wineries as we could each day.   As I will be covering our travels through the Shenandoah Valley in the coming weeks, I decided to follow the write-up on Barren Ridge with a look at Bluestone Vineyard, the final stop on the Shenandoah Valley trip. With daylight dwindling and most of the wineries closing, we went to Bluestone to take part in their standard tasting. For $5 you are able to taste 7 whites and 4 reds.  For $7, the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2011 Estate Grown Blue Ice wines are included. I had recently tasted the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon …

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Greenvale Vineyards; Rhode Island History Captured in Wine

The Greenvale Vineyard, a historic farm, is located along the Sakonnet River in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, a few miles north of downtown Newport. Greenvale was originally started by Cortlandt Parker and his wife, Nancy, who grew grapes as a hobby in the 1960s. It wasnt until later on that Greenvale began growing grapes for another local winery known by many as Sakonnet Vineyards. In the early 90s, the Parkers’ daughter, Nancy Parker Wilson, and her husband William made it their mission to develop their own brand of wines – under the Greenvale name. In 2000, under the leadership of Parker’s architect son-in-law, William, the old Greenvale Farm stable was transformed into a tasting room and was opened to the public for tastings and tours. This gorgeous piece of property truly is a gem and produces some excellent wines under wine maker Richard Carmichael, formerly the assistant winemaker at Williamsburg Winery. …

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Rappahannock Cellars; One of NoVA’s best wineries hands down

I’ve visited many vineyards and have grown to appreciate wines of all characteristics. The one winery that I have not changed my opinion on has been Rappahannock Cellars. What I mean by that is: from my early love of sweet wines to the dryer Bourdeaux style blends, there literally is a wine for everyone at this place. When I began my tour of Virginia’s Wine Country, Rappahannock was an early stop and a no brainer.  Month after month, winemaker Jason Burrus, keeps delivering top notch wines to wow your palate. A little background on the family that has pioneered this great vineyard — The Delmare’s. The family of 14 had originally dug their roots in by the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the form of the old Saratoga Vineyards, now known as the Savannah Channel Vineyards. Over twenty years have passed and the Delmare’s goal was to raise their family in …

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Greenvale Vineyards Skipping Stone White 2010

Producer: Greenvale Vineyards Price: $14 Vintage: 2010 Winemaker Notes: Pairing: This wine is great by itself, with cheese, a simple meal and is also sensational with spicy foods. Grape Varieties: 90% Cayuga and 10% Vidal Blanc Fermentation: Stainless Steel Production: 912 Cases Additional Notes: Very light in color, the wine is aromatic with a bright, crisp, floral nose — delicious and refreshing on the palate. Slightly off dry with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity.   Virginia Pour House Notes: Aroma: light notes of violet Flavors: bright refreshing palate bursting with soothing notes of violet and green apple Finish: effervescent feel, but finishing in a well rounded blend of acidity and sweetness and oh so crisp! Additional Notes: Originally being from Rhode Island, the first time I visited this vineyard I was excited and frightened at the same time. I came across so many great vineyards in Virginia, I …

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