Virginia Wineries

    1. 8 Chains North Winery
    2. 868 Estate Vineyard and Winery
    3. Above Ground Winery (formerly 29 Vines)
    4. Aspen Dale Winery at The Barn
    5. Arterra Wines
    6. Barrel Oak Winery
    7. Berry Hill Vineyard
    8. Boxwood Winery
    9. Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery
    10. Breaux Vineyards
    11. Cardamon Vineyards
    12. Catoctin Creek Winery
    13. Capitol Vineyards
    14. Casanel Vineyards
    15. Chateau OBrien at Northpoint
    16. Chester Gap Cellars
    17. Chrysalis Vineyards
    18. Cobbler Mountain Cellars
    19. Corcoran Vineyards
    20. Creeks Edge Winery
    21. Crushed Cellars
    22. Cana Vineyard
    23. Delaplane Cellars
    24. Desert Rose Ranch & Winery
    25. Doukenie Winery
    26. Dry Mill Vineyards Winery
    27. Fabbioli Cellars
    28. Fox Meadow Winery
    29. Gadino Cellars
    30. Gray Ghost Vineyards
    31. Granite Heights Orchard and Winery
    32. Hartwood Winery
    33. Hidden Brook Winery
    34. Hiddencroft Vineyards
    35. Hillsborough Vineyards
    36. Hume Vineyards
    37. Hunters Run Wine Barn
    38. Lake Anna Vineyards
    39. Leaves of Grass Vineyard & Winery
    40. Linden Vineyards
    41. Little Washington Winery
    42. Lost Creek Vineyard and Winery
    43. Loudoun Valley Vineyards
    44. Maggie Malick Wine Caves
    45. Marterella Winery
    46. Mattaponi Winery
    47. Mediterranean Cellars
    48. Miracle Valley Vineyard
    49. Molon Lave Vineyards
    50. Morais Vineyards
    51. Naked Mountain Winery and Vineyards
    52. Narmada Winery
    53. North Gate Vineyard
    54. Notaviva Vineyards
    55. Old House Vineyards
    56. Otium Cellars
    57. Paradise Springs Winery
    58. Pearmund Cellars
    59. Philip Carter Winery of Virginia
    60. Piedmont Vineyards & Winery
    61. Potomac Point & Winery
    62. Quattro Goombas Winery
    63. Rappahannock Cellars
    64. Rogers Ford Farm Winery
    65. Sharp Rock Vineyards
    66. Stone Tower Winery
    67. Sunset Hills Vineyard LLC
    68. Swedenburg Estate Vineyard
    69. Tarara Winery
    70. Terra Nebulo Vineyards
    71. The Barns at Hamilton Station
    72. The Winery at La Grange
    73. The Winery at Bull Run
    74. Three Fox Vineyards
    75. Two Twisted Posts Winery
    76. Unicorn Winery
    77. Village Winery
    78. Vintage Ridge Vineyard
    79. Vint Hill Craft Winery
    80. Willowcroft Farm Vineyards
    81. Winery32
    82. Zephaniah Farm Vineyard
    83. Bluemont Vineyard
    84. Glen Manor Vineyards
    85. Twin Oaks Tavern Winery
    86. Veramar Vineyard
    87. Bogati Bodega
    88. Barren Ridge Vineyards
    89. Bluestone Vineyard
    90. Cave Ridge Vineyard
    91. CrossKeys Vineyard
    92. Ox Eye Vineyards
    93. Shenandoah Vineyards
    94. Wolfgap Vineyard and Winery
    95. Afton Mountain Vineyards
    96. Ankida Ridge Winery
    97. Albemarle CiderWorks
    98. Cardinal Point Vineyard & Winery
    99. Barboursville Vineyards
    100. Blenheim Vineyards
    101. Democracy Vineyards
    102. DuCard Vineyards
    103. DelFosse Vineyards and Winery
    104. Early Mountain Vineyards
    105. Flying Fox Vineyard
    106. Glass House Winery
    107. Horton Vineyards
    108. Keswick Vineyards
    109. Lovingston Vineyards
    110. Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery
    111. Moss Vineyards
    112. Pollak Vineyards
    113. Prince Michel Vineyard
    114. Jefferson Vineyards
    115. Veritas Winery
    116. King Family Vineyards
    117. Stinson Vineyards
    118. Stone Mountain Vineyards
    119. White Hall Vineyards
    120. Mountfair Vineyards
    121. Cooper Vineyards
    122. Trump Winery
    123. First Colony Winery
    124. Virginia Wineworks (Michael Shaps)
    125. Sugarleaf Vineyards
    126. Wisdom Oak Winery
    127. Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard
    128. James River Cellars
    129. Ramulose Ridge Vineyards
    130. Hickory Hill Vineyards Winery
    131. Reynard Florence Vineyards
    132. Gabriele Rausse Winery
    133. DeVault Family Winery
    134. Grace Estate Winery
    135. Rebec Vineyards
    136. Adventure Farm & Winery
    137. Lazy Days Winery
    138. Honah Lee Vineyards
    139. Ingleside Plantation Vineyards
    140. General’s Ridge Vineyards
    141. The Hague Winery
    142. Vault Fields Vineyard
    143. Oak Crest Vineyards
    144. The Dog & Oyster Winery
    145. Good Luck Cellars
    146. Athena Vineyards & Winery
    147. Belle Mount Vineyards
    148. Jacey Vineyards
    149. Rosemont Vineyards and Winery
    150. Williamsburg Winery
    151. Saudé Creek Vineyards
    152. New Kent Winery



Color Key:

  • Northern Virginia Region
  • Central Virginia Region
  • Chesapeake Region
  • Shenandoah Valley Region
  • Southern Virginia Region
  • Hampton Roads Region



  1. Hi there,

    Love your site! We are a new winery located in Bealeton, Virginia- Morais Vineyards and Winery. I would love for you to come for a tasting, we opened back in December, 2011. Our hours are Saturday 12-8 and Sundays 12-6. Look forward to having you! Take care.

    Maddie Saunders
    Morais Vineyards Venue Coordinator

  2. What do the different colors mean on this page? Also, the asterisks next to some of the wineries?

  3. I can’t believe you visited Trump Winery and didn’t taste!

    • I was chased off by rude staff that was clearing off a table while another staff member sat someone that just walked in, in front of us. I pointed it out and the staff that was clearing it off for me shrugged, like there was nothing he could do. It was infuriating. I will make it back, but I’m certainly not in a rush to do so. I have had their wines elsewhere, but I like to review the wines while at the winery. I hope their service has improved.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that. Sounds like the staff was having a bad day. Hopefully you give it another chance! They also just released a new red so now is the perfect time.

  4. I had a girl come in to my winery from trump and she way maybe 22 or 23. She was such a snot. She was asking “do you always chill your reds so much?” I tried to explain to her that it had been in the fridge a little longer , because it was a special one I was allowing her to try, but then she proceeded to cup her hands around it and told me she was going to warm the second taste up. I literally laughed out loud. I was like ok! We do put a “cellar” chill on the wines we taste. Then she proceeded to tell her friend what temperatures certain varietals should be served at. So i asked I’F”trump” put her through classes. She said yes. it is aparent that mister trump haS no clue about wine, if someone is just serving wine in a serving room the biggest deal is the customer. Its all “useless” knowledge if you will. Because someone may put a really cool chill on a cab Sav…..or bordeaux.. . You wasted a lot of money putting young kids through classes that probably are not even going to go into the industry. He should worry about the quality of wine and his 1st!

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